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Lining in Oceana
 Really what customers think, for customers to solve the substantive issues of the service characteristics Oceana. From the actual market needs, creating the largest brand value with excellent marketing planning and design for business, for customers to win the most interest. Focus on different industries, different groups, and provide differentiated products and services for your different objects. Colleagues to provide staff with a good working environment and incentives to improve the prospects for career planning staff, are fully respected and new employees, continue to guide and encourage, so that employees and businesses grow together.
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PR Assistant

Job responsibilities:

1, with the project manager to complete the project, including but not limited to,proposal writing, communication with customers, suppliers and other contacts;

2, to assist the activities on-site implementation, security activities carried out smoothly.

Post requirements:

1, college degree or above, public relations, journalism, marketing and other related professional priority;

2, good learning ability;

3, excellent interpersonal communication and coordination ability, strong ability of social activity;

4, individual initiative, serious and responsible work.

Graphic Designer

Job description:

1 in the overall strategy and creative direction, independently complete the project implementation of creative work plane;

2 responsible for the supervision and inspection of the design of the finished product,control product quality, ensure the project forward;

3 to assist AE to complete the communication of customer;

4 responsible for the company's various types of graphic design, POP design, VI application design etc..

Project Manager

Job requirements:

1, with relevant experience 1-2 years, provide comprehensive public relations services to customers (including but not limited to offline activities, exhibitions, forums, building the group travel) planning ability; have successful cases;

2, skilled use of PPT, EXCEL, WORD and other office software;

3, the proposal presentation skills;

4, good occupation accomplishment, have certain compressive capacity, organizationability and the team cooperation ability, be able to cope with the risks and problems of quality, and innovation;

5, good communication and coordination ability, can complete the communication with clients